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Welcome to Leander Landscaping Experts. Our goal is to build beautiful designs for your outdoor space that you are proud of. We offer a variety of services that will give your space the upgrade it's desperately asking for. We offer irrigation services, masonry services, landscaping, and concrete services. Contact us today for a free estimate on any of our services and we will get the right designer working with you immediately. Our designers are the best in the business and know how to design a space that is beautiful without sacrificing any functionality. If you need an outdoor grill, fire pit, patio extension, pergola or garden bed, we are the landscaping experts for you. Call us today to find out more about what we can do for you. We can't wait to design together.

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Leander patio and landscaping

Landscaping Experts

We are Leander's go-to landscaping pros. We are reliable, trustworthy, honest, and hardworking. We do everything from garden beds, to patios, and pergolas.

Our Services


Landscape design like never before. Professionals that know what their doing. Garden beds, patios, pergolas, stamped concrete, masonry, fire pits and more.

Leander Landscaping


Adding depth and volume to a space that is unique to each person.

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Irrigation and sod installation that is professionally done.

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Concrete Patios

Creating beautifully customized concrete patios for your outdoor space.

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Custom Patios

If you are looking for custom patio builders Leander, we are the experts for you. Our team can design and build the perfect patio for your yard. We can do stamped concrete patios, stained concrete patios, decks, and more. Adding that extra patio space can be a huge benefit to your home's value and add more space for entertaining. We can build outdoor kitchens, fire pits, pergolas, and more. If you are wanting to add more value and better entertainment space to your yard, call us today for a free estimate and we can go over all of your needs and wants for your future outdoor space. We love working with the people of Leander.

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Our team of expert designers have an art for arranging beautifully crafted designs on land to make it look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Our work is one of a kind and highly coveted in the north Austin area. We can implement any design that you have done, or help you come up with something great for your yard. We do concrete patios, concrete steps, decks, river rock, water gardens, gardens, raised planters, retaining walls Leander and more. We ensure that all of our designs have a cohesive theme and harmony, that balances the natural design of the land and the features installed. We use a large variety of hardscaping (non living elements like retaining walls) and soft scaping (plants and flowers) in our work that create a great outdoor living space for all to enjoy. We also do Leander water garden. Call us today for a free estimate.

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Efficient Drainage Services

Every yard and piece of land needs to have a system in place for the drainage of water. Water is essential in obtaining a healthy landscape and lawn care Leander TX. Having a drainage plan in place is a key part in keeping your lawn in a good and healthy shape. Knowing how to properly distribute water is important to prevent any disastrous issues like flooding near your foundation. Our drainage professionals know exactly how to do just that. They know how to design plant beds that function properly, fix problems where water sits at the foundation of your home, and prevent water traps. When landscaping and pouring concrete, we cap your current sprinklers and relocate them so that your sprinkler system is always working efficiently at no extra cost to you.

Lawn Care Leander TX

Living in central Texas, it is critical to have professional lawn care experts take care of your lawn. The natural weeds and bugs that can damage your grass in our climate is hard to maintain without a professionals help. Whether your lawn is 5 acres or a small size in the front yard, our team of expert lawn care professionals can help. Our services prepare your grass for its transformation. We will clear debris, manage the soil and drainage system, and level the land for any landscaping project. We evaluate every aspect of the land beforehand to ensure that our landscaping crew doesn't ruin drainage systems already in place and uproot anything. Our team of experts know exactly how to handle every type of soil and utility lines. We are proud of the work we do.

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Expert Staff

Our staff of excavation experts, designers, and landscaping are all one of a kind and extremely professional. At Leander Landscaping Pros, we know the types of plants, soil, and rock that will make your outdoor landscaping design the yard you have been dreaming of. We do quality work quickly, reliably and we make deadlines. We are the Leander landscapers to call. 

Beautiful Designs

​We create beautiful, cohesive, functional and show stopping landscape designs. Our staff of reliable designers know just what to do to a yard to make it pop and feel more like the space you want. Our designs are beautifully crafted to fulfill the needs of each individual. We make the land work with you. Our customer satisfaction is our main priority which is why we are dedicated to showing up and finishing projects on time.

Quality Work

If you need a quality landscaping done to your yard, look no further. Getting a job done is easy but getting a job done right is what we at Leander Landscaping Experts do every day. Trust and quality are what sets us apart from everyone else. We SHOW UP to appointments, are responsive to your calls, and make sure to finish your projects on deadline. We know what it takes to make a beautiful landscape design and we make sure that our customer is satisfied with the work done. 

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Why Choose Us

Our goal as a company is to treat each project as its own unique task. We know that when we get the call to come work on a project, our customers are trusting us to make what they are envisioning a reality. We know that showing up to scheduled appointments, getting work done on time, and delivery the desired result is the most important when hiring a landscaper. That's why we make sure to always have good communication with our customers and are responsive to their calls. We make sure that our clients satisfaction is the priority and that their landscaping is designed to be functional yet beautiful. We take great care and precision to ensure that your irrigation lines and utility lines are taken care of extremely delicately during the project, to ensure that they are all working correctly and not damaged during construction. We love serving the people of of North Austin and the surrounding area and can't wait to continue to beautify the yards in this area creating each design unique to that person. We can transform your yard into an outdoor space that can be truly magical and the entertainment space you have been dreaming. Call us today to get a free estimate and we will get right to work to help you get the best design for your outdoor space and yard.

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Tropical Designs in Texas

There's a reason why everyone loves the tropics and beautiful sandy beaches with the palm trees swaying in the breeze. It's beautiful and relaxing. Living in Texas can make it feel like the only way to be surrounded by palm trees is to travel. But our landscaping team can make your yard the most beautiful tropical outdoor space you always longed for. Our designers know which tropical plants can be planted in your yard in order for them to survive in the Texas climate. The plants that cannot survive in Texas, we improvise with plants similar in shape, size, color and texture to give you the illusion that you are in the tropics. We use the five elements of landscape design which are; color, texture, line, scale and form to create the perfect tropical outdoor space you are dreaming of. You won't need to travel when you hire us to make your backyard the perfect tropical paradise you crave. We can also recommend a great pool builder Leander that can give you a great pool design that is serene and beautiful.