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Leander irrigation specialists

Leander Irrigation Specialists

At Leander Landscaping Experts, we offer top-of-the-line services with professional-grade results. We are the landscaping experts that know how to take care of central Texas grass. We will take care of your lawn because we are here to make your life easier. We fuse art and science to build a service that will make your yard a healthy thing of beauty, at prices you can afford. Our irrigation services are the best in the city, and we even provide repairs to existing irrigation systems, whatever your landscaping needs are, we are on it!


Whether your lawn has an old system or you are looking to install a brand new network, our professional team is the answer to all your irrigation needs. Our trusted technicians work tirelessly to provide unmatched services and accommodate any irrigation customization requests that you may have. We make sure to handle all sprinkler relocations when doing your landscaping and make sure that your lawn needs are met. Our services are the sustainable and reliable when investing in your property for the long term. 

Professional Sod Installation

If you own a commercial property and are currently on the lookout for irrigation specialists nearby, we strive to meet the needs you are requiring. We have experience in repairing, maintaining, and installing advanced systems that will keep your property fresh and green, making your business much more inviting for your clients. 


In addition, we have fully customizable systems that meet the specified needs for everyone, regardless of the complexity. If one part of your lawn requires less water while another area is populated by water dense vegetation, our irrigation specialists can make sure each section is getting the water that it needs, or don't needs. Call us today to schedule a consultation session or get a direct quote.


At Leander Landscaping Experts, we offer expert services for all your lawn needs with our years of experience in maintaining well-kept lawns for our customers. Our sod installation team takes knows the type of grass that will grow well and since the whole service is an investment, you want the right company to do it for you. Only a true professional would be able to install a perfect lawn considering how many variables are at play that might impact the process and you can trust us with your project.

It is part of our policy for our professionals to keep clients in the know, because we believe that transparency and client input always makes for the best possible outcome. That way, you keep an eye on the materials being used in the process while watching us deliver what we promise. 

Once you have booked us, you will see our team arriving at your property at time with the proper equipment, and then our team will begin with these following steps:

Removing the previous lawn growth, including old grass and weeds
Tiling the soil if the damage is too severe and the process calls for it
Grading the soil thoroughly so that it is level and drains well
Sod installation while following the most robust industry practices
Setting up irrigation systems and sprinklers to conclude the process

You will get the very best Leander irrigation and sod installation services with Leander Landscaping Experts, and the results will last a long time!

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